Drill Bushings

Drill Bushings

All American Bushing provides a wide variety of drill jig bushings including:

  • Press Fit Drill Bushings: These bushings are generally used in single-step drilling. They can be pressed in the fixture plate and spaced closer together than other types of bushings. 
  • Head Press Fit Drill Bushings: Head Press Fit bushings can accept heavier axial loads whether mounted with the head above the fixture plate or recessed into the fixture. 
  • Slip/Fixed Renewable Bushings: Slip/Fixed Renewable bushings are used when the number of holes drilled will be greater than the expected life of the bushing. 
  • Fixed Renewable Bushings: These bushings can be used similar to SF bushings. By slipping the bushing out of the liner, another size may be installed for the next operation to be performed. 
  • Liner Bushings: Liner bushings are similar to press fit type bushings but they are pressed in the fixture to maintain precise location for the slip fixed bushings. 
  • Head Liner Bushings: Head Liner bushings are used when excessive axial loads or pounding would dislodge the headless liner. 
  • Serrata Press Fit Bushings: These bushings have half length oversize serrations for extra holding capabilities in aluminum, masonite or wood fixtures.
  • Diamond Groove Bushings: The diamond knurled type holds better when axial and rotational forces exist.
  • Serrata Groove Bushings: These bushings may be used in a cast or potting application, similar to the Diamond Groove bushings. 

Advanced Features and Benefits:

  • Anti-galling process: This process creates a super finish which increases the life of both the drill and the bushing. Our drill bushings are manufactured from either C1144 Stressproof steel or other high carbon steels known for their long wear and stability.
  • Two-Directional Undercut: All American bushings feature a two-directional undercut and are ground square to allow the bushing to fit flush on top of the jig. They also feature an inside chamfer which improves chip control and reduces tool wear.
  • Proper Drill Entry and Alignment: Blended radius at drill entrance improves proper drill entry and alignment which prevents tool wear and breakage. For quick and proper identification, all bushings are clearly stamped with size and trademark. Chamfers on the O.D. exit end of All American bushings eliminate peening which permits easy entry and removal.
Press Fit Bushing

Type P

Metric Press Fit Bushing

Type PM

Head Press Fit Bushing

Type H

Metric Head Press Fit Bushing

Type HM

Slip Fixed Renewable Bushing


Slip Fixed Renewable Bushing

Type SFM

Diamond Groove Bushing

Type DG

Serrata Groove Bushing

Type SG

Serrata Press Bushing

Type SP

Head Liner Bushing

Type HL

Metric Head Liner Bushing

Type HLM

Liner Bushing

Type L

Metric Liner Bushing

Type LM